Chrysler Plymouth Dodge High Performance Starters


STEP 1: Torque Requirements

The torque output of a starter is the most important consideration. The starter must be able to spin the engine, and do it without overheating internally. Since there is no such thing as having too much torque -even on a street vehicle - a 200 starter will work for everyone. Speaking in general terms, a over 12:1 compression or higher engine should use a 200 starter. Engines up to 12:1 should use at least a 180 starter. 160 starters are good for engines up to 10.5:1.

One thing to keep in mind is that the torque characteristics of a starter are a function of its design. High voltage batteries or low internal resistance batteries will affect the kilowatt output of the starter by changing the output speed but not the torque. Therefore, buy enough torque to begin with.

STEP 2: Fit

Of course for a starter to work, it must fit the application. Consider headers, oil pans, and the mounting points on the engine. In racing, did the oil pan manufacturer lock you into a particular shape of starter? How tight are the headers around the starter? These are just some of the questions that will help you determine the right starter for your application.

STEP 3: Weight

Lastly, depending on the form of racing, the overall weight of the starter is a consideration.

Powermaster 9300 starter  440 400 383 360 340 318 mini starter
Proform 66269 starter Mopar mini starter
Powermaster 9613 starter Powermaster MasterTorque starter
Powermaster 9513 Powermaster XS Torque starter
Powermaster 9300

Mopar Mini Starter

UP To 10:1 Compression$194.97
Proform 66269

Mopar Mini Starter

Up To 11:1 Compression$164.97
Powermaster 9613


Mopar Mini Starter

Up TO 12:1 Compression$189.97
Powermaster 9513

XS Torque

Mopar Mini Starter

Up To 18:1 Compression$229.97
MSD 5098 starter MSD 5098 DynaForce starter
MSD 5098


Mopar Mini Starter

UP To 18:1 Compression$268.97


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