Click to enlargeTurn Your Ford 302 Into A 347 Stroker!

Eagle 103023402 Ford 347 stroker cast steel crankshaft.

Recommended in applications up to 500 horsepower.

Externally balanced, 28 oz.

3.400" stroke.

2.123" rod journal.

Rod journal width is 1.680".

Main journal is 2.249".

Bobweight is 1835. Target bobweight is +/- 2%.

Approximate weight is 41 lbs.

Standard oiling design.

Uses 6 flywheel bolt holes.

Two piece rear seal design.

Minimum rod length is 5.400".

Makes a good 347 ci stroker based off the 302 engine.

Provides 342 cubic inches with a standard bore.

Provides 345 cubic inches with a .020 overbore.

Provides 347 cubic inches with a .030 overbore.

Provides 349 cubic inches with a .040 overbore.

Provides 352 cubic inches with a .060 overbore.

Eagle ESP cast steel crankshafts are manufactured with a 0.092 radius on all journals, rear seal and snout for added strength while still using OE style bearings.

Each crankshaft is inspected for dimension, size and stroke accuracy.

Lightening holes in each rod throw for reduced weight.

TECH NOTE: Stock 302 stroke is 3.000". Stock 302 bore is 4.000". Stock 289 stroke is 2.870". Stock 289 bore is 4.000". Stock 302 connecting rod length is 5.090".

TECH NOTE: Must use Eagle SIR5400CB or Eagle CRS5400C3D connecting rods. Recommend MS590H main bearings and CB634HN rod bearings.

INSTALLATION TECH NOTE: Will NOT work with AOD or AODE torque converters that have the "long snout design". Be sure to check this before ordering. If using an AOD transmission, this crankshaft will only work with "short snout" AOD or AODE converters.

The Eagle 103023400 Ford 347 stroker cast steel crankshaft makes building a reliable engine easier.

Eagle 103023402 Ford 347 stroker cast steel crankshaft EAGLE-103023402$269.98

Click to enlargeFord 347 Main and Rod Bearings for Eagle 103023400 Crankshaft
Clevite main bearings and rod bearings for Ford 347 stroker.

Use this bearing set with the Eagle 103023400 crankshaft shown above.

Here are the typical charateristics of the Clevite P Series bearings: Typically the greatest level of eccentricity.

Both the rods and mains have high crush for maximum retention.

Reduced overlay thickness to prevent overlay fatigue.

Use where extremely high RPMs cause severe rod bore close-in, and where higher eccentricity is desired to narrow bearing contact patterns.

Clevite MS590H-standard.

Clevite CB634HN-standard.


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