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Edelbrock Performer Endurashine

Edelbrock 21214 Performer intake manifold for 302 engines.

Edelbrock 21214 Performer intake manifold for 289 engines.

Features the Endurashine finish.

The EnduraShine coating is as brilliant as chrome, more brilliant than polished aluminum!

No flaking or pitting like chrome, and no polishing maintenance like polished aluminum.

Match up with the Edelbrock EnduraShine coated carburetors for an unmatched, stunning appearance!

Power band from idle to 5,500 rpm.

Designed for street performance and towing applications.

Dual plane design provides great throttle response and torque.

Standard square flange carburetor mounting padx

Accepts Holley, Edelbrock, Demon and Carter Carburetors.

Recommend 500-650 cfm carburetors depending on intended use.

Port exit dimensions are 1.09" by 1.84".

Manifold height is 3.50" in the front and 4.75" in the rear.

Below you will find a selection of recommended carburetors. Others may be used though.

Edelbrock 21214 Performer 289 302 intake manifold Endurashine finish EDELBROCK-21214$432.65

Click to enlargeEdelbrock 7220 intake manifold gaskets for Edelbrock 21214 intake
Edelbrock 7220 intake manifold gaskets for Edelbrock 21214 intake manifold shown above.

Fits Ford 289 and 302 engines.

Click to enlargeARP 154-2001 intake manifold bolts for Edelbrock 21214 intake
ARP 154-2001 intake manifold bolts for Edelbrock 21214 intake manifold shown above.

Fits Ford 289 and 302 engines.

Features an attractive and durable black oxide coating.

Hexagon bolt heads for easy wrench or socket access.

These chrome moly bolts have a wide underhead flange with companion washers that provide an even load distribution.

Precision rolled threads prevent galling while promoting more consistent torque loading.

Click to enlargeARP 454-2001 stainless intake manifold bolts for Edelbrock 21214 intake
ARP 454-2001 intake manifold bolt kit for Edelbrock 21214 intake manifold.

Fits Ford 289 and 302 engines.

These stainless steel bolts and washers feature a show polished finish.

Hexagon bolt heads for easy wrench or socket access.

This bolt set has a wide underhead flange with companion washers that provide an even load distribution.

Precision rolled threads prevent galling while promoting more consistent torque loading.

Click to enlargeEdelbrock Perfomer 600 cfm Endurashine
Edelbrock 14064 Edelbrock Performer carburetor 600 cfm with electric choke and Endurashine finish.

This carburetors finish will match the Endurashine finish of the intake manifold shown above. This is a good size match to this intake as well.

Calibrated for fuel economy. Designed for small block engines. Works well with Edelbrock's Performer, Performer EPS and other dual plane intake manifolds.

The Edelbrock Performer carburetor is a quality built carburetor able to handle the rigors of daily driving while delivering consistent, reliable street performance from day to day.

Several characteristics make the Edelbrock carburetor an outstanding street performer. They use metering rods to transition between circuits. They are unaffected by engine backfires, which means that there are no power valves to blow out and the rods can be changed in seconds without carburetor removal or fuel draining. They have the unique ability to "hold a tune", so once thery're tuned, they stay tuned. What this means, is that compared to other brands of carburetors, the performance remains consistent and the calibration stays unchanged.

The light weight all aluminum body features a two piece body that resists warping and is compatible with gasohol and blended fuels.

The outside is ball burnished for a bright finish. The simple tub type bowls and rear pivot floats all contribute to a carburetor that's reliable, user friendly, and is easily tuneable for trouble free operation.

This Edelbrock Performer 600 CFM carburetor features the lasting beauty of the Endurashine finish. The Endurshine finish is a coating that provides the brilliance of a chrome or polished carburetor, but with no finish polishing maintenance required. A three step process. First a base coat is applied for adhesion and smoothing properites. A second coat of metal is then applied in a high tech vacuum chamber for a complete and consistent coat that is actually tinner than a human hair. The third coat includes a clear powder coat for the ultimate protection and durability. This all adds up to great looks, exceptional value and long term durability. This brilliant finish won't fade or oxidize, is chemical resistant, and cleans up easily.

This carburetor is new, not remanufactured.

Click to enlargeHolley 570 cfm electric choke
Holley 0-80570 570 cfm carburetor is a good size match for the intake manifold shown above. Crisp throttle response for use on the street with 289 to 302 engines.

Holley 0-80570 Holley Street Avenger 570 CFM carburetor is designed to be street ready, right out of the box for stock or mildly modified engines and is specifically calibrated for the street. Some modified engines may require tuning by jet changes or power valve changes.

The Holley Street Avenger 570 CFM carburetor provides precise fuel metering for low end torque, awesome acceleration. Close limit jetting is used for precise performance and the air-fuel idle is tuneable to provide the ultimate in performance with crisper acceleration.

The Holley Street Avenger features four vacuum ports, easy to use electric choke and clear sight plugs for easy float adjustments. Built in secondary fuel filters and "no touble" power valves. Includes a "quick change" vacuum secondary housing for easy spring changes.

The Holley Street Avenger 570 CFM carburetor fits any "square bore" intake such as Edelbrock, Weiand, Holley, Offenhauser, or intakes with dual bolt patterns such as Edelbrock's 2101 Performer intake for the small block Chevy. When using the stock GM Quadrajet intake, a carburetor adapter must be used.

Installation instructions and hardware included. Brand new, no rebuilts!

Click to enlargeProform 600 cfm carburetor
Proform 67211 600 cfm Street Series carburetor with mechanical secondaries and electric choke. Finally an affordable high-performance street carburetor! PROFORM's new Street Series Carburetor is hand assembled in the U.S. utilizing the PROFORM High-Flow Carburetor Main Body, durable billet metering blocks, aluminum fuel bowls, and a high performance billet throttle base plate.


Lightweight Aluminum-NOT Heavy Zinc!

High-Flow Center Section Design!

Flat Surfaces: CNC Precision Finish!

Changeable Screw-In Idle Air Bleeds!

Changeable Screw-In High Speed Bleeds!

Electric Choke

------------PROFORM FUEL BOWL FEATURES------------

Lightweight Die Cast Aluminum!

Fuel Level Sight Windows!

Externally Adjustable Needle & Seat!

Duel Feed Fuel Inlet! Two 3/8" inverted flare fuel inlets, one in each bowl, uses common 9 5/16" dual fuel line kits.

Notched Secondary Float!


Easy Access Secondary Idle Air Flow Adjustment!

Corrosion Resistant Bright Anodized Appearance.

Button Torx Head Throttle Plate Screws!

Power Valve Blow Out Protection!

Slip Link Linkage


Strong, Lightweight Billet Aluminum! Durable, No Warping or Porosity Problems

Four Corner Idle System

Changeable Idle Feed Restrictions!

Secondary Jet Extensions

Non-Stick Gaskets!

Hand Assembled in Bowling Green, Kentucky (U.S.A.)



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