AutoLoc PW55033 hot rod power window kit
Item# AUTOL0C-PW55033-10323

Product Description

AutoLoc PW55033.

AutoLoc Hot Rod power window kit.

Complete with wiring and switches for 2 windows.

POWER UP! AutoLöc's flat-glass power window conversion kit allows you to convert your old flat glass windows into a completely new power system.

AutoLöc's revolutionary Super Glide window design assures easy installation and guaranteed smooth operation.

Quick, quiet, and dependable operation for the life of your vehicle.

With each kit you get 3 #3 switches and switch frames. Because of their high-torque motors and custom mounting brackets,

AutoLöc's Power Window kits are great for street rods, customs and older cars that have never had power windows.

Each kit comes with detailed instructions and a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Reinforced Guide Track

Adjustable Window Base

High Torque, Worm-gear Driven Bosch Motors

New Heavy Duty Motor Is Smoother, Stronger, And Quieter

Custom Mounting Brackets

Multi-position Brackets

Durable Motors

Adjustable Track

Hardware PackLimited Lifetime Warranty

Detailed Instructions

A 2 window kit.