Alan Grove 232L Chevy small block drivers side alternator bracket low profile

Product Description

Alan Grove 232L low profile alternator bracket.

For Chevy small block with short water pump.

Mounts the alternator on the drivers side.

Made of heavy gauge non-coated steel.

Includes bracket, installation hardware, instructions and belt length recommendations.

Designed for cars with low hood clearance-Vettes, Camaros, etc.

These brackets bolt to the head and top water pump bolt holes.

The alternator bracket will fit all 1969 and newer heads.

The alternator bracket is designed to accept the popular G.M. alternators, both internally and externally regulated.

These include the 10SI, 12SI, and the newer CS130.

On the 12 o'clock alternators, the center to center of the mounting holes must be 6-9/16" for use with these brackets.

TECH NOTE: Chevrolet used short water pumps on all passenger car applications thru 1968 and trucks thru 1972 with the exception of Corvettes. Corvettes always ran short water pumps. Long water pumps are used on most later applications. The short pump fits close to the timing cover while a long pump stands out from the timing cover. A LONG OR SHORT WATER PUMP MAY BE USED ON ANY YEAR CHEVROLET V8 ENGINE. IMPORTANT: Short water pump crank and water pump pulleys must be used with a short pump.